Friday, 29 November 2013

TRAGIC : Horror crash on way back from honeymoon as husband dies and wife loses her leg

Tasha and Sylvester, better known to his loved ones as a 'Buck,' tied the knot in Panama City, Florida, on October 19 and set out for their honeymoon in the mountains of Tennessee.
Tragedy as bride loses her husband and has her leg amputated after horror crash on their way back from honeymoon
As the newlyweds were driving home in the early hours of October 27, the Storeys were involved in an accident on Interstate 85 in La Grange, Georgia.Sylvester Storey was pronounced dead on the scene. His 31-year-old wife was airlifted in critical condition to Grady Hospital in Atlanta, where doctors amputated her badly injured right leg and removed a portion of her damaged colon. 
For Tasha and ‘Buck’ Storey, their union was a match made in heaven. From the very first date, the two bonded over their Christian faith and love of the 'Star Trek' franchise.
After their nuptials,Mr and Mrs Storey drove to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for their honeymoon – a week that was supposed to be a joyful prologue for a long life together.The couple revelled in their newfound happiness, visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum, sitting in a small cafĂ© over cups of cocoa and watching a football game together.On the morning of October 27, the Storeys woke up in the dark and hit the road in their 2001 Chevrolet Blazer SUV en route to Panama City, which they were hoping to reach in time for the evening prayer service at their church.Tasha was curled up in a blanket in the backseat of their unheated car. She remembers her husband urging her to take a nap and promising her, 'I'll be OK.' Sylvester also said that he loved her, not knowing it would be the last time he uttered those words.No one is quite sure what happened next, but Tasha later remembered being awakened by the lurching motion of the SUV rolling on the highway. When she looked down, the 31-year-old professional photographer saw that her right leg was badly injured.With the vehicle flipped upside down, Tasha Storey was unable to free herself from the seatbelt and began screaming for help.Several Good Samaritan came to her aid and extracted Tasha from the car, covering her with blankets until first responders arrived and took her to a hospital in Atlanta.It wasn't until Tasha was in the ER that a nurse broke it to her that her husband’s didn't make it.‘I knew God had his side because he was such a good, Christian man,’ Mrs Storey recalled. ‘I had no doubt where he was going to go.’


  1. Geez nw this is just hectic, may his soul rest in peace.

  2. Dis is rili sad, may his soul rest in Peace.....wish ha speady recovery