Saturday, 30 November 2013

22 years after going public,Magic Johnson opens up about living with HIV

The former Los Angeles Lakers player who became the face of HIV/Aids 22 years ago when he announced that he had HIV, says he is still surprised at the impact the news had. Johnson said when he was first told he had HIV he was convinced he was going to die, but advances in drugs has helped him- and millions of others - survive.
Johnson is now campaigning for more people to get tested for the disease, especially those in black or Hispanic communities. He admitted that when his team's doctor told him blood results had revealed he had HIV in 1991 he was 'devastated'. 'At that time, people were really dying of Aids. I was just scared to death,' he said.
Johnson and his wife Cookie, who tested negative along with their son,have been leading advocates for HIV awareness.Cookie was two months' pregnant at the time he was diagnosed.
Johnson recently campaigned in Harlem's Apollo Theater to raise awareness about the high rates of the disease.

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  1. Wow!!! 22yrs of living wit HIV, if only some pple living wit d disease will eat healthy meals and take recommended drugs, dey wud live Long; and his wife has bin wit him all dis while, she's truely a wondaful wife, most women wud av divorced him long ago on hearing d news #happy couple#