Monday, 3 February 2014

Tragic Escalator accident

The Quebec coroner's office is conducting an autopsy on Naima Rharouity, a 47-year-old mother of two who was killed after a piece of clothing she was wearing became caught in an escalator at a Montreal train station.
Rharouity was at Fabre metro Thursday morning when the accident happened. It appears that she was traveling down an escalator when she fell. An item of clothing became stuck in the mechanism and tightened around her neck, strangling her. Rharouity was the mother of two young boys aged eight and five.Her family called the death a 'horrific accident.'According to CTV, her husband had just left for Morocco to make arrangements after his mother died.The coroner's office is seeking to determine what led to Rharouity's death.She was wearing a hijab at the time of her death, but it is unclear which item of her clothing became stuck. Witnesses told police they saw the unnamed victim struggling to free her scarf after it got lodged in the teeth of an escalator on her way down to the subway platform.‘While she was trying to pull up her scarf from the escalator, her hair got caught too and from there, everything got tied up at the end of the escalators,’ said Constable Jean-Pierre Brabant, of the Montreal police.
By the time firefighters and EMS workers arrived on the scene, Rharouity went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at the scene.
This is not the first time that an escalator caused bodily harm and even death.In 1989, a 2-year-old girl lost four fingers when her hand got caught in the teeth of an escalator as she was trying to pick up a bag of raisins at another Montreal subway stop.In 2004, 16 students riding an escalator in a Montreal high school were injured when the moving stairs abruptly stopped.Last year, a man in Seattle was strangled to death when his shirt got caught in an escalator at a transit station.Global News reported that in August 2013, a 10-year-old girl’s foot was maimed after being caught in an escalator at a Macy’s department store in in Paramus, New Jersey. 

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