Monday, 10 February 2014

How to eat yourself happy

Scientists claim that eating the right nutrients can improve our mood. Today,we see exactly which foods will most benefit you.

GO WITH YOUR GUT  Recent research has suggested that gut problems can be responsible for triggering depression. Combat this by eating foods that encourage healthy digestion, with plenty of fibre and live yogurt.

STEER CLEAR OF CAFFEINE  Caffeine drinks (coffee, tea, cola) stimulate the release of insulin, which mops up sugar in the blood, causing an energy dip. Suddenly giving up all caffeine can lead to headaches, so cut back until you are drinking just one or two cups of coffee a day. Also avoid alcohol, which is a depressant.

DOSE UP ON VITAMIN D  Vitamin D deficiency can also trigger depression. We get vitamin D through the food we eat and exposure to sunlight on our skin. Optimise your chances of beating depression by eating plenty of vitamin D-rich foods (such as oily fish or eggs) and getting out in the daylight as much as you can.

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